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Benvenuto a Stati Uniti!

Corsi di inglese negli Stati Uniti

What a great way to learn English and explore the United States! Choose from one of our schools all over the USA, located in some of the most popular areas in America.

The USA is a huge country to explore, with 50 states to choose from, flanked by two oceans and covering an incredibly varied terrain. For five centuries, since the "New World" discoveries of Christopher Columbus, people from every corner of the globe have come here in search of "the American Dream". Between them, they have created the richest, most powerful country on earth, and a fascinating melting pot of cultures and traditions. Tourism centres mainly on the subtropical states of Florida, California and Hawaii, the winter ski resorts and the huge metropolises. But it is the astonishing, vast landscapes that make the USA truly distinctive - spectacular National Parks like Yosemite and the Everglades, rugged ice fields, the Great Lakes and the desert plains - and such awe-inspiring sights as the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains should be on every visitor′s must-see list.

Experience college life on a campus location or choose an exciting city centre ? The choice is yours! Some of our schools are located on university campuses in peaceful suburban areas, where you can immerse yourself in US college life but still have easy access to the city.

The other schools are located in the heart of an exciting American city where you can take full advantage of the cultural, social and professional offerings of a major metropolis.

Imparare divertendosi!!! Stati Uniti!


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